Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

SuniHemorrhoids can be a very embarrassing problem to have to admit to. Their location makes it all the more sensitive but thankfully there are ea few very effective and natural remedies one can use to treat them. Hemorrhoids typically appear around the anal opening and just within the canal. The external hemorrhoids tend to be of most concern because not only can they result in bleeding, they also tend to cause the most pain and irritation. This can make it not only painful to make a bowel movement, but also uncomfortable to sit and induce the desire to scratch around the area. Naturally it is advisable never to scratch or have difficult bowel moments simply because they can lead to more pain and bleeding.

  • Cold compresses – the application of something cold to the area when in pain will result in immediate relief. This is because the hemorrhoids will instantly become less inflamed and shrink. Applying cold compresses, ice cubes or chips, and using moistened toilet paper are recommended.
  • Natural soothers – witch hazel is a commonly used solution. It has natural astringent properties and works to reduce inflammation and shrink the hemorrhoid. You can also apply aloe vera to the area to help relieve pain. It is helps to cool inflammations. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar also have a similar effect. You should see your symptoms vanish within a matter of days for mild cases when using any of these remedies. Applying a warm used tea bag to the area can also be effective. Tea is an astringent that will also shrink the hemorrhoid, and the warmth with soothe the irritation.
  • High fiber diet – in both trying to prevent and treat this problem, a high fiber diet is very important. When it comes to how to get rid of hemorrhoids, consuming plenty of vegetables and fruit and whole grains can go a long way in ensuring you have easy bowel movements. Not only does eating these foods reduce the amount of feces you will produce, it also makes it softer and easier to expel. This means less strain on the muscles and hemorrhoids in the anal canal. Making this a regular part of your daily life will help limit chances of the problem recurring later on. Drinking plenty of water is also important.
  • Elevate – when making bowel movements, it can be of great help to elevate your legs using a small stool. In most developing nations hemorrhoids are a rarity because of the use of latrines that are lower and force the user to squat. Squatting and elevating the legs helps to straighten the canal and loosen the sphincter for easier bowel movements.

As indicated, a high fiber diet is an important method of not only treating, but also preventing hemorrhoids. It is advisable to support this effort with exercise.  This will result in lower weight, especially around the mid section and around the hips. With less weight being carried it becomes easier to make bowel movements and keep the muscles in the area strong and limber. Leading a healthier lifestyle should lead to a much lower risk of developing hemorrhoids.

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